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SAO's Legend -Sword Art Online

On-line art sword is among those animes that after viewing it, just can not help you, but to see it again. The first half of the first season was probably the best number of symptoms I saw in an animated series. The way the show caught my attention and sent myself into the world of Aincrad with the personas was truly amazing. The series was packed with action scenes, comical hilarious pain relief, and romance enough to can take your cardiovascular away.

Land / Record
With this anime we put in the field of the near future in Japan. A brand new brand VRMMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Online Reality Role Playing Game) has just been launched; However, there are only 10, 000 copies posted! Our main character, Kazuto, is one of those few lucky ones. In fact, it is even more special. Kazuto was obviously a part of the small group of beta testers who actually tried the game before its release, so at the beginning of the anime, our beloved figure has already been addicted to this new world.
Soon after the release of the game, something happens to be terribly wrong. Logout button missing from the menu. After a forced teleport and announcement by the game master, it is clear that this is a "function" of Blade Art Online and "no error". Players are stuck inside the game, any attempt to free the world from outside can result in death. The only way out of the game is to erase it, or die trying.
The first man realizes that he must become as powerful as possible, and intends to obtain all of this. For almost all of the first half of the season, he could be an extreme solitary. Especially after having a conflict with other players following your defeat of the first boss, who lead other players to believe he is a cheater, or about the game, which is a "drummer. "
Our hero is going to make a name for himself. This individual is commonly referred to as a drummer, but also as the "Black Swordsman" who only the front line, in this picture is unheard of. Throughout the journey Kirito, as he is called hanging around, he meets friends and breaks his series alone eventually. Although it is well-established that this individual almost always likes to go alone, even later in the series. This individual continues to make many friends, especially with Klein, the character of the comic relief, and Asuna, his love interest.
Sequels / Arcos
Following your first season of SAO, they left ODS II, also known as Gun Gale online, and a few short bows. You can also get a few extra shorts here and there, but little or nothing too spectacular. The second season of ODS got actually retired to me; The story just does not have much weight. The field is Kirito is provided for another game (EOG) to review the mysterious fatalities that seem to be to happen around a character called "Death Gun". There is much surprise launched another supporting character who was beloved, but found much heat due to actuality often flirted with our son. Fans of Kirito x Asuna by, not amused. Especially when Asuna is presented as the "friend" Kirito.
Apart from that, the arcs that take place after ODS II are a lttle bit dry out. The only person to mention is Mother Sarta, the latest version. This kind of short bow restores your faith in the series, but our main personality, Kirito, makes subtle apparitions. This arc focuses on the development of Asuna, and his journey to join a tiny guild that wants to consider a supervisor alone. The emotional tool coaster as you continue with this arc is intense, just to advise you.
In general

In conclusion, this is a great animated series. End up being sure you00 give this a go, especially because it is available at both dub and under. The series has done an outstanding job picking English language voice actors; Kirito is somewhat difficult to adjust, but we get used to it. I feel this anime has a perfect combo of action, adventure, romance, friendship and comedy. I favor to have some more intimate action between Kirito and Asuna, but the psychological "I love you" whispers that Kirito Asuna retains a massive guild just have to do.
in the last i will give you  game like SAO's Legend is a free Sword Art Online MMORPG based on the popular anime show, taking players through several adventures set in the world of Aincrad.

Players will level up at a fast pace and find legendary weapons, impressive mounts, cute Navigation Pixies and battle in all kinds of instances. You’ll get to meet famous characters from the anime and they will join you and help you in battle. go here for this .


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