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Symbols of Valentine's Day

Exactly what are the first things that can come to mind when you think of Valentine's Day time? Cupids, flowers, sweets, doves or hearts? Well, is actually normal to associate with Valentine's Day since they are the most popular symbols of Valentine's. There are several symbols related to Valentines day Day, and these signs of Valentine's Day often display on gifts and other indications of love given on February 14th or Valentine's Day. Cupid is number uno as it pertains to Valentine's Day symbols, but there are many other Valentine's symbols you might be enthusiastic about looking at. Then simply read.

Red flower

The red rose is also a great symbol of Valentine's Day Valentine's Time that the turkey is Thanksgiving! Roses symbolize love, compassion, peace, friendship and romance. When it comes to red roses, surely they stand for one thing - the strength of their love and their passion for that special person. Now it would be interesting to note that if you rearrange the letters in the word "pink" get 'Eros' - the Goodness of affection (or Cupid). Then Rose is one of the key symbols of the hearts of Valentines day Day that govern every 14th of February. Outdoors red roses consist of colors also sent Valentines day to convey different text messages.


Then, the cardiovascular is the warmest Valentines day Day symbol, because it represents love in the purest form. Giving someone means that your cardiovascular will give that which is most valuable and essential to you. In a nutshell, a heart symbolizes life!


Would you have been and his precious birds call love? Good, "bird-love" is a message that is frequently used to indicate a sincerely affectionate couple. Birds are an important symbol of Valentine's Day Valentine's as it is widely accepted that birds find their peers on Valentine's Time Valentine's Day. The Herrick came to symbolize timeless love. Doves, on the other hand, are emblems of purity, humility and virtue. The doves and pigeons companion for life is said and so are symbols of faithfulness.

Ribbons and leaflets

Frills and ruffles are the symbols of Valentine's since the days of valiance. It is said that the maids had lace and leaflets given to their relatives (kings or soldiers) before the other went to war. The men used to store the tapes and booklets with them as they struggled.


Lace is also traditionally associated with love. How, you ask? Well, before, if a woman loved a guy, the girl dropped her lace handkerchief to send a transmission to the man, and if the man acquired, his feelings were testing. Lace side, another recognized symbol of Valentine's Day time is the knot of love. Love knots have a series of securing knots and winding without beginning or end. They are the symbols of timeless and eternal love.


Think cupids and pictures of fat cute, throbbing red hearts of different sizes of Valentine's Working day are sure to party in your head. Why do you ask? Well, cupids and hearts would be the most powerful symbols of Valentine's that maybe you know. Organizations are so strong and deeply rooted that even a child knows it can time for Valentine's when he / she highlights cupids and hearts holding in shop windows and greeting cards. The puffy cherub be and red CAIRN hearts sweep their feet regardless of era and location. Such is the potential of these two symbols of Valentines day Day - the god of love, Cupid and the pulsating organ essential in us, the center. They create an instant connection without the means of expression and symbolize Valentines day Day - the day of affection!

Cupid is the son of the Roman goddess Venus, the goddess of affection and beauty. Cupid thus became the popular god of affection and believed that anyone Cupid knocks with his arrow, falls crazily in love instantly. This kind of is why Cupid is now associated with Valentine's Day time and has become the most beloved Valentine's sign. For those who do not know, Cupid appears like a tiny child with an innocent face, gold earrings and blue eye. It has a couple of wings and bears a bow an arrow with it. So watch out for Cupid... Valentine's Day is here it will hit you at any time!

You have the several symbols associated with Valentine's Day . And so the next time you choose a red rose for his dearest, or wrap a cardiovascular of candy with a ribbon, remember its remarkable connotations. This would give more meaning to the celebration of your Saint-Va.In the last offer you this site which offers you some gifts here.
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